Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry


Like a wine aged in oak barrels, concord grape acidity, Molasses, Big Body, Balanced, Rose finish


Peaberry coffee is an interesting qualification within the coffee industry. If you’re looking for peaberry coffee, you know what it is, and you usually love and covet it. If you have never had peaberry, you might be missing out on something special. Essentially, a peaberry coffee bean occurs when only one seed germinates within a coffee cherry, allowing it to grow in an oval shape; whereas normally two seeds germinate and grow against each other producing the typical flat side of a coffee bean. It is generally believed that that this single oval seed contains a higher concentrate of flavor, as it takes the flavor that usually goes into two seeds, into one. We find peaberries to be interesting to say the least, and this one in particular shines.

We’ve had a Sumatran peaberry in the past that had a dense ginger flavor in it, and we’ve had Kenyan peaberry as well which can be like drinking a cup of sparkling syrup. What makes this Tanzania special, and particularly elegant, is that the grounds smell like a chamomile tea, or possibly rose. The coffee taste on the palate strikes you like wine aged in Oak barrels, with the wood flavor forward, and the grape-like acidity comes from a higher concentrate of malic acid in the beans. The acidity kind of dances on the palate like a concord grape with detectable tartness and contributes wonderful life to the cup. The body and sweetness of the cup is like Molasses- it is densely and darkly sweet- and the body is inky. We cup this coffee at a score of 90, and I’m not sure if we just really like it which makes us a bit generous, or if it truly scores this high which is very possible. What I do know is that if you love complex flavors which balance out in an elegant, yet densely flavored cup, then you will love this coffee. Here’s to the glorious peaberry!

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