Rwanda Rutsiro Mushonyi

Rwanda Rutsiro Mushonyi


Amazing Aroma, Fig, Apple Cider, Caramel, Spices

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For many years now we have been in love with Rwandan coffee. Although many in the industry often smirk at the possible defects, and thus avoid this country altogether, we have seen such amazing qualities in Rwandan coffee that we must carry them. This coffee supersedes many however, and only comes as a limited offering.

This coffee is our second Rwanda Natural coffee this year. To be honest, we didn’t think we could top the previous Rwanda we had, but it has! The aroma of this coffee is almost like smelling purple skittles, which translates to fig in the cup filling your mouth with sweetness. But, it doesn’t stop there. The acidity is incredibly complex and as the cup cools it transforms into a very prevalent apple cider taste that ends with a big spiced caramel finish. Altogether this cup has been a crowd pleaser from the first cupping. It is an incredibly dynamic cup with everything that African coffee lovers appreciate, yet holding onto some qualities that might be found in Central American coffees.

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