Honduras: Santa Rosa

Honduras: Santa Rosa


Complex Bittering Chocolate, Earth and Herbal Tones, Tart Acidity and Huge Body

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This is the first Honduran coffee that we have carried, and it is with great excitement. This is a multi-tiered cup profile offering big body, herbal notes, and some light earth tones that give it Indonesian leanings, while also possessing a nice citric/tartness that is similar to a Colombian natural type coffee. The sweetness is big too, leaving a very satisfying finish on the palate, and is somewhat silky. It is an approachable coffee and could easily be an everyday type coffee that won’t wear out, and can be drank with milk (for those friendly coffee polluters out there that must have it!).

The Origin

These beans are coming from small community cooperatives working together with Beneficio Santa Rosa, located in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. Beneficio Santa Rosa was founded in 2005 to facilitate the commercialization and export of high quality coffee from the western region of Honduras. Through an innovative partnership with TechnoServe (a nonprofit organization that develops business solutions to overcome poverty by linking people to information, capital and markets), Beneficio Santa Rosa formed Mejoramiento Agrícola Sostenible (MAS), a project that supports more than 6,000 coffee producers with technical assistance resulting in higher quality coffee and increased income for producers, while protecting the environment. Beneficio Santa Rosa is also firmly invested in community development as one of the founding members of Amigos del Café, an organization established to assist coffee producers with education, medical assistance and food security.

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