Organic Guatemala Quiche: Maya Ixil Coop

Organic Guatemala Quiche: Maya Ixil Coop


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The Farm:

This coffee is part of my “direct trade program,” based in actual relationship with real people. Cesar Gonzalez grew up in Guatemala, yet immigrated to America 4 years ago. We met through a mutual friend and coffee roaster and instantly became friends. His coffee knowledge and experience is highly coveted, having been involved with coffee for over 20 years. Cesar has sourced coffee from this region for several years, which means he knows the multiple farmers himself who attribute to this coop. The friendship we have developed makes this coffee worth the price, knowing it is based in integrity. I plan to keep this coffee as a staple for many years to come since an organic coffee of this caliber for this price is nearly unheard of.

What it smells and tastes like:

When smelling the dry grounds of this coffee it’s like smelling honeysuckle flowers, or the sweet floral side of cashew butter. Apple aroma begins to push through when the grounds are wet which is prevalent at the first sip of this coffee. Mild cocoa tones overlay a nutty taste that can finish with a sweet mild cherry note. Though balanced, it is a juicy cup that I’ve yet to see not satisfy.


Many people remark that this coffee is easy on their stomach. We haven’t found out if this is because it is certified organic, or just because it has a very light and pleasant acidity.

Regional Information

The Ixil Region is often called the Ixil Triangle, a phrase coined by the Guatemalan military due to the fierce fighting that occurred in the three main towns, San Gaspar Chajul, Santa Maria Nebaj, and San Juan Cotzal.

The region lies in the mountainous northern highlands of Guatemala. Even today, it’s difficult to get to. This remoteness has allowed the region to remain deeply indigenous. Many of the Mayan descendants speak the regional dialect, Ixil, and know little Spanish. Since this region borders the famous Antigua region, known for it’s cupping quality, we have seen some fantastic coffees come out of here the last few years, and with our contribution through purchasing their coffee we can see the coffee become even better.

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