Ethiopia Guji H

Ethiopia Guji H


Strawberry Syrup, Cream, Blueberry, Jasmine


The Farm:

Last year we brought in Ethiopia Guji Hambela Hassan which was a major crowd pleaser bursting with strawberry and passion fruit notes and a clean jasmine tea finish. This coffee is from the same station owner, Kedir Hassan, the older sibling to Esmael Hassan who farmed the previous lot. The coffee that these brothers are producing is so incredible that if I don’t buy their lots immediately, it disappears. We have 200 lbs this year which could go quickly!

How Ethiopia Guji H Smells and Tastes:

The fragrance of this coffee alone gives you a mouthwatering effect. It is such a thick, deep fragrance that you want to just keep smelling it! The distinct scent of strawberries and cream is prevalent, as if you were actually smelling strawberry milk. Once the grounds are wet you get the smells of honey, honeysuckle, and fruit and jasmine. But then you get to taste it, and there is absolutely no let down at all! This is a particularly shining coffee in pour over, that almost creates a shimmering flavor profile in the mouth, and doesn’t possess the rustic side that many naturals whereas many of the desirable flavors can be somewhat lost. It’s always slightly sad when you smell a lot of fruit, but it doesn’t translate to taste––Not so with this coffee! The fruit flavor dances on the tongue, but not in a zingy acidic way, rather an elegant desert type way with an ultra smooth finish. Delightful. Elegant. Wonderful iced! This coffee will not only please all the fruit forward coffee lovers, but impress and possibly rank in your top ten.

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