El Salvador: Santa Barbara

El Salvador: Santa Barbara


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Medium Bodied, Roasted Almond, Cinnamon, Wood Flavors

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This coffee comes from my friend Cesar Gonzalez Father-In-Law. It is the third of three coffees from El Salvador that I am extremely happy to offer. This coffee is an Orange Bourbon, which itself is more rare than the typical red and yellow bourbon types. It is grown at the highest altitude possible in El Salvador of 1400 meters making it an incredibly dense bean with deep sweetness. As a brewed cup the sweetness hits you first, like a very sweet almond, turning towards hints of cinnamon and having a very unique woody finish that is almost like cherry wood. The body is just right for this coffee, not too heavy and not transparent, resting on the tongue just enough to have a delightful lasting finish. Overall, this coffee has been pleasing the masses and again is a perfect example of why direct trade continues to give incentive for farmers to produce the best coffees in the world.

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