Burundi Pierre Nzeyimana Natural

Burundi Pierre Nzeyimana Natural


Mysterious Cup, Deep Tones of Blackberry, Cherry, and Wood, Winey

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This Burundi is quite literally the most complex Burundi we have ever cupped. It is not what you’d expect from Burundi, however it is everything you hope for. The smell of the dry grounds is like fragrant blackberries, but there is a smell that we cannot place which makes it very distinct, and mysterious. You might say it’s a medley of smells similar to smelling root beer and knowing that there’s a lot mixed in there. While it is fruited up front, there are deep tones of cocoa and spices that balance the fruit out and give it a spiced plumb jam finish. The cup itself is very dense and viscous and yet it doesn’t sit on your tongue giving it a mouth cleansing acidity. We have been pouring espresso shots with this coffee as well also and it is our favorite shot of the year.

This coffee is also a direct trade through Homage Coffee Source with Pierre Nzeyimana and his three sons. Pierre’s agricultural background began as a farmer of many crops for cereals and other products, as well as coffee. In 2002 he applied for a collection point manager role at a washing station in Ngozi, where he worked for about 10 years. Over the years, Pierre grew determined to open a washing station of his own; a station committed to excellence, and elevating the farmers he works with. In 2012, Pierre opened the doors of PROCASTA Nkanda Washing Station in Tangara Commune.

Pierre is a family man, and cares deeply about the entire community as if they are family. He and his wife Leoncia have been married 40 years, and have 3 sons. All 3 sons co-manage the washing station with Pierre, and once they each graduate from university, Pierre plans to phase himself out of the operation and let them take over. This year, when we asked Pierre about the strengths of Nkanda Washing Station, he immediately answered; “The farmers – they have put their trust in me, and I have put my trust in them.” And later, when we asked about his short term goals, Pierre’s first response was; “To make sure the farmers are happy” and “giving them a bonus.” We are proud of Pierre & PROCASTA Nkanda Washing Station, and we are honored to play a part in the work he is doing alongside the farmers in Tangara Commune.


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