Burundi Kayanza Gakenke

Burundi Kayanza Gakenke


Caramel Sweetness, Toffee, Raisin, Anise Spices, Rice Syrup

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This is the sweetest Burundi coffee that we have ever sipped. It is a coffee that brings a smile to your face because it is just so different and unique. At first taste it almost strikes you like a cream soda without fizz, but vanilla and caramel flavors are muted yet there in a creamy cup that is clean and refreshing on the palate. Baking spice, like hints of anise slowly balance out in the finish and you’re left wondering if you tasted toffee or caramel, anise or cardamom, rice syrup and prune or raisin. What a complex cup, with lively acidity, and yet superb balance of body and flavors. Shines as a pour over, but keep your water temp under 195 for beset brew results.

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