The Holmes Family

Four Kids, One Coffee Roaster, One Mission

Many a great thing has started in the mountains. For me and our family, coffee was a side-passion that collided with our passion for Jesus and the Gospel in Nepal. Having sold all we had to serve overseas we were granted a visa to live in Nepal based upon the management of a small café. We said yes. Fifteen years earlier, having paid my dues to Starbucks as a barista, and having gone as high as I could in their coffee education as a “black apron” I hadn’t been involved in coffee much until I discovered “specialty coffee” seven years ago. A whole new world of coffee opened up to me. Having begun the first trial experiments of roasting on a small drum machine, and with my little experience roasting, we went to Nepal and I learned to roast on a 1 kilo roaster with 4 Nepali brothers. We became like family. I knew a couple foreigners that were bringing Sweet Marias over to Nepal just so they could drink good coffee, and we began sourcing some specialty coffee to show people what coffee could taste like. Meanwhile, working with others who were seeking to develop good milling practices with Nepali farmers, I learned the importance of the processes involving coffee first hand. Just before we came back to America we cupped a Nepali coffee at 82 points! This was the highest score any of us had seen in the region. We still have hope for Nepal to make it to the specialty market. Now, we are back here, with our small family run business starting things in the mountains of Colorado. Because of our experience we wanted to start a business that directly supported missionaries and thus this coffee roasting business was born. 20% of every whole bean sale goes directly to missionaries in foreign countries, and within our own borders. With this mentality we seek to establish a business that is pleasing to God, serving of others, and truly is an act of love and servitude. Please join us in this opportunity for blessing by buying great coffee that supports great people.